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Vocal Lessons

Find Your Voice

Your vocal improvement all starts with one thing: commitment. You can wish and pray all you want for a better voice but without that commitment, dedication, and fortitude to begin, yours will be an unrealized dream.

It takes work to develop and maintain a quality singing voice. Let me help bring that voice inside of you out for the world to hear.

At our studio we train to get the most expression out of our voices which gives us greater tools for our performance.  You will expand your range but you will also gain better vocal colors, precision, dynamics, phrasing  and storytelling.  Come learn to mesmerize your audience!

Warm Ups

Helpful series of exercises meant to prepare the voice for singing, acting, or other use.

Vocal Exercises

Exercises that help you flow from note to note effortlessly adding character to your singing style.

Pitch Tuning

Note by note, making sure the melody is nailed every time.

Ear Training

Exercises that improve your musical ability by developing a more intuitive understanding of what you hear.

Breathing Techniques

Techniques to help support your voice and ensure that you can last through long phrases.

Vocal Range

Exercises that help Increase your upper and lower range.


Performance tips and tricks of your songs.


Training of the vocal bridges between your chest and head voice ranges.

There is no substitute for good training.

All of the top voices in entertainment use singing lessons, vocal exercises, vocal training and voice teachers to keep in top shape. This is how they maintain their long standing spotlight in the music biz. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or someone who would like to sing better you’ve come to the right place. Learn it right the first time.

What you will learn is how to get the most out of your vocal. We will go through vocal exercises that will increase vocal power, vocal range, and body. As a result, you will find that your voice is richer, lasts longer, less strained and with the flexibility to effortlessly skip from note to note with great color.

You’ll soon discover why major and indie labels, major management groups and agents refer work to us. Students currently or previously on Sony, Universal Music Group, Virgin, TVG, Roadrunner, Hollywood Records, Pipeline, Mercury UK, Delicious Vinyl and more!

  1. Dream Big

  2. Train Big

  3. Sing Big

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